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February 2, 2016


A public hearing is scheduled for March 3, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. to entertain a petition filed by the Coalition for Smarter Growth, et al., to amend Chapter 26, Inclusionary Zoning (IZ) (Z.C. Case No. 04-33G). The Office of Planning (OP) has also recommended alternative text, which is part of the same case.


Inclusionary Zoning requires that a certain percentage of units in a new development, or a substantial rehabilitation that expands an existing building, set aside affordable units in exchange for a bonus density. The goals of the program are to:

  • create mixed income neigbhorhoods;
  • produce afordable housing for a diverse labor force;
  • seek equitable growth of new residents; and
  • increase homeownership opportunities for low and moderate income levels.

The Zoning Commission (ZC) only promulgates those regulations that were established to provide for minimum obligations of property owners applying for building permits or certificates of occupancy under the IZ Program. All other aspects of the program, including the setting of maximum purchase prices and rents, the minimum sizes of the units, the selection and obligations of eligible households, and the establishment of enforcement mechanisms such as covenants and certifications, are determined by the Council and Mayor of the District of Columbia.


The text recommended by Smarter Growth, et al. and OP can be found on the Office of Zoning (OZ) website at www.dcoz.dc.gov, by clicking on Case Records and putting the case number (04-33G) in the search box and clicking on "Go." Find Case No. 04-33G in the list of Search Results and to the right of it, click on "View Details." You will then be directed to the DCOZ Case Report page for this case. On the right hand side, click on "View Full Log" – this will allow you to see all of the exhibits submitted in this case. The Notice of Rescheduled Public Hearing, which contains the recommended text, can be found at Exhibit No. 53. If you require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact OZ at dcoz@dc.gov.


Watch the Web-Streamed Video - You will be able to view the hearings by clicking on "Live Webcast" on OZ's website at www.dcoz.dc.gov.

Submit Written Testimony -You may submit written testimony to the ZC by:

  • By e-mail to zcsubmissions@dc.gov: You will be able to submit comments by emailing a PDF document (there is an 8 MB limit for documents submitted by email.); or
  • By mail to 441 4th Street, N.W., Suite 200-s Washington, D.C. 20001..

Present Oral Tesitmony - To present testimony before the ZC, you are strongly encouraged to sign up for the public hearing. Although it is not mandatory to sign up, please note that testimony will be given in the order that people have signed up. To sign up, please call or write Donna Hanousek at (202) 727-0789 or donna.hanousek@dc.gov, and leave your name, your phone number, and the case number (04-33G).

The ZC also requests that all witnesses prepare their testimony in writing, submit the written testimony prior to giving statements, and limit oral presentations to summaries of the most important points. The applicable time limits for oral testimony are three minutes for individuals and five minutes for organizations. Testifying in person is not required; written statements, in lieu of personal appearances or oral presentation, may be submitted for inclusion in the record.

Please note: As this is a rulemaking case, there are no parties nor is there any cross-examination.

Tips for presenting testimony

  • Sign up in advance! Although you will still be able to testify if you show up the night of the hearing, testimony will be given in the order that people have signed up.
  • Provide detail in your written testimony! Your written testimony is where you should provide as much detail as you need to present your views.
  • Submit your testimony well in advance of the public hearing! This allows the Commission time to read your entire testimony prior to your oral presentation.
  • Be succinct with your oral testimony! As your time is limited, use your time wisely and limit your oral testimony to the most important points.
  • Provide solutions in your oral testimony! You are encouraged to propose effective solutions to issues with the proposed text.

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